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The Black Unicorn


Black UnicornThis is my favorite piece of Amber- related reading material which plays after the last book Roger Zelazny wrote. I don't know if it's the style, storyline or sheer size of it that makes it all that interesting, but it does make for excellent reading. 


It's written by Jan Pieter de Graaf, and based on a running campain by Astrid Tops. Just click on her name to go to her web-site.


If you're not familiar with the Amber-books, the Cosmology-chapter might give you some insights in how the storyline develops until the first chapter. The best way of reading this story, is right after the last book Roger Zelazny wrote. If you are absolutely unfamiliar with Amber. then don't worry if the first few chapters seem kind of confusing. All will be revealed in good time. On the other hand... if after the first 10 chapters you still can't make heads or tail of anything, you are probably one of the ones that will never understand. 


As for other points of view on the story, one can read the diaries of  both Boadice and Murlas at these pages. 


If you find any errors in page-build up, or any spelling-errors, please report them to me. I've done my best to get any of these out, but there's always the chance there are still errors in the files.


Have fun reading, Jurriaan van Doornik 

(who is quite sure he should start re-reading the whole thing again from the beginning real soon)


Chapter 000 Cosmology


Chapter 001 Family Banquet

Chapter 002 A Meeting in Dreams

Chapter 003 Calm Before The Storm

Chapter 004 Family In Shadow

Chapter 005 Angelcity Nightlife

Chapter 006 To Trump Or Not To Trump

Chapter 007 Priorities

Chapter 008 Points Of View

Chapter 009 Diana

Chapter 010 Let's Talk About It


Chapter 011 The Trial Of Murlas

Chapter 012 Perspective

Chapter 013 The Duel

Chapter 014 Choices

Chapter 015 Denouncement (Of Sorts)

Chapter 016 A Debt To Pay

Chapter 017 Sacrifice

Chapter 018 Tantric Obstacles

Chapter 019 Reviewing Relationships

Chapter 020 A Night In The Dungeons


Chapter 021 Down Among The Living, Up Among The Dead

Chapter 022 A Trip To The Overshadow

Chapter 023 Ill Met By Moonlight

Chapter 024 Dissent

Chapter 025 An Unexpected Goodbye

Chapter 026 Cousins, As Usual...

Chapter 027 A Fair Light

Chapter 028 ...Or To Die Trying

Chapter 029 A Holiday In France

Chapter 030 Show And Tell


Chapter 031 Deirdre's Story

Chapter 032 The Ball

Chapter 033 Promises Old And New

Chapter 034 Kittens

Chapter 035 Breaking The News

Chapter 036 Tiziane

Chapter 037 Predetermined Meetings

Chapter 038 A Slight problem

Chapter 039 Nisse

Chapter 040 Of Beards, Pilgrims And Flying Lizards


Chapter 041 The Sword

Chapter 042 Apocalypse Now

Chapter 043 With Needle And Thread

Chapter 044 In A Sea Of Bigger Fish

Chapter 045 Sum Of Parts

Chapter 046 Hello, Big Brother

Chapter 047 No Rational Solution

Chapter 048 Out Of Order

Chapter 049 You Are Here -->

Chapter 050 Coup d'Etat


Chapter 051 The Best-Laid Plans

Chapter 052 Him, The Snake, And I

Chapter 053 Talks

Chapter 054 Homecoming

Chapter 055 Overshadow Revisited

Chapter 056 Mother And Daughter

Chapter 057 Into The Wrong Hands

Chapter 058 Going Up In Flames

Chapter 059 The Hermit's Legacy

Chapter 060 Fair Shares


Chapter 061 Blood Ties

Chapter 062 Apologies

Chapter 063 Socializing In The Courts

Chapter 064 Death At The Party

Chapter 065 On The Other Side Of You

Chapter 066 Truth And Loathing In Quendor

Chapter 067 First Family

Chapter 068 Shudder And Die

Chapter 069 Caught In The Middle

Chapter 070 Reinforcements


Chapter 071 Down The Spiral Prologue

Chapter 071 Down The Spiral

Chapter 072 New Svarta

Chapter 073 A Spot Of Burglary

Chapter 074 Confrontation

Chapter 075 Prison

Chapter 076 In The Dark

Chapter 077 Surviving On Instinct

Chapter 078 Sea Ride On Amber, Mark II

Chapter 079 The Other Deirdre

Chapter 080 The Long Way Home


Chapter 081 Random Encounters

Chapter 082 Scenes Of Amberite Domestic Life

Chapter 083 The Consequences Of Premature Verdicts

Chapter 084 Have A Drink, My Friend

Chapter 085 Nightmare Visitor

Chapter 086 Calm Run Of The Rumour Mill

Chapter 087 Fiona's Folly

Chapter 088 New Cover

Chapter 089 Angry Young Gods

Chapter 090 Rescue And Loss


Chapter 091 The King Remembered

Chapter 092 Invasion

Chapter 093 Balance Of Power

Chapter 094 Boundlessly Drifting

Chapter 095 Home Affairs

Chapter 096 Schizophrenia

Chapter 097 Purpose Declared

Chapter 098 Prisoner 538

Chapter 099 Misery Loves Company

Chapter 100 And The Winner Is...


Chapter 101 Talking Treason

Chapter 102 Harsh Truths

Chapter 103 Playing A Forced Hand

Chapter 104 Benedict's Decree

Chapter 105 Kreel Galore

Chapter 106 Government In Exile

Chapter 107 Commitment
Chapter 108 Mental Homes

Chapter 109 Mob Rule

Chapter 110 One Good Turn


Chapter 111 ...


Note Nov 3rd 2005 : This page is appearantly tracked by a lot of people (guess the story is popular, yay Jan Pieter!). Last update to this page was in august 2003. We're 2 years along now... and to my knowledge no new chapters have been released... yet. Which explains the lack of updates on this page. Rest assured, I'm still alive, and able to update this page (which I haven't accessed in ages actually, so I was a bit stunned I still recall how to access and update everything). It's just that there isn't anything new I can post on here... Sorry everyone... Blame the author ;-)


Note March 16th 2007 : Still haven't seen any updates take place... Sorry y'all... It seems the wait will still be extended...


Note January 4th 2014 : 7 years since the last update, Over 11 years since the last update, and Astrids page seems to have moved server and is linking the wrong server for it's pages. See here for the Amber Index and here for the Dorian Diaries she has up. Haven't heard from anyone in all this time, so I'm somewhat convinced the campaign died. I mean, it's been 11 _years_!! :-(


For some background information, among which are the trumps drawn for the campaign, aswell as a family-tree and a what-is-what, please visit  Jopie "Boadice" Schekkerman's site.


Last modified on January 4th 2014